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I was born in 1970 and work in the information technology industry; presently I work for Domain Registration Services as a support team member since 2005.  I started in IT in 1997 and have worked with just about every operating system known to man including SCO Unix, Microsoft Windows 3.x through to Windows 7, Linux (RedHat, SuSE) and currently my favourite OS is Apple OS X.

My main computer is a Mid 2010 15″ MacBook pro with 8Gb of RAM; along with my iPad and iPhone, there isn’t too much I cannot do from any location.

My other hobbies include photography; living in Far North Queensland there’s always something to take a photo of be it wildlife or just scenery.  I also love heading out west or up to Cape York in my 2010 Ford PK Ranger 4×4 and disappearing off the grid for a few days.  Sometimes the dirt roads can be better than the bitumen ones at times!

I’ve also been known to have a baitcaster rod in the truck when heading north for the odd spot of fishing where possible as well 🙂

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